Pacing Myself

Patience is a virtue, but procrastination is a vice. I working at a measured pace, partly due to time constrainsts, partly due to the weather.


Another threatening cold last night. I covered the little plants again. It least it is easy to do, since they are in a four foot square box. Tonight’s cold should be the last of the season. I’ll plant more in a day or two.


I dug the post holes and cemented in three of the four required posts for my children’s soon-to-be treehouse. That’s a chore, but worth the effort.


Cleared out the leaves that had been hiding under the bushes and in the back of the beds. I still have quite a list of backyard work: sand the deck, trim the hedges, put in more soil for planting, transplant a crape myrtle, build a new sandbox (part of the treehouse), finish the treehouse, more gardening, more gardening, more gardening, move the compost pile, and a flagstone patio and bench between a couple of trees, build planter boxes for herbs on the side of the house, and on, and on…This is fun.

Back To Gardening

All of my gardening plans were put on hold. My wife’s grandpa passed away. We had to take a trip to attend the funeral. He had a long life with many friends and a large family. He lived well.


Now my attention is turned back towards our garden and our backyard overhaul. My seedlings made it through the two nights of freezing temperatures, thanks to the leaves and plastic with which I covered them. My boys were so excited to uncover them and see how the seedlings are doing. This week we finally will get around to planting the other 4’x4′ square. We’ll also begin work on the treehouse and plant several decorative plants my wife got for the patio and yard. Nearby our neighborhood is a place that is offering decent dirt by the car/truck load for free. We may pick up some of that this weekend to build up part of our yard for more planting.


I have decided to extend my planting to around the side of our house. I am going to build a long planter box to line the fence beside our side walkway. In there I’ll be planting a variety of herbs, both medicinal and culinary. The area gets good noon and afternoon sun; I think they’ll do fine there.


Having seen the pooling from the rain a few days ago, I think I will be leveling portions of our backyard. I plan on using the post and string method to measure for level across different points of the yard and then to build up the ground until I get a more uniform surface (leaving a mild slope to keep the water from running towards the house.