Notes on moving from toxic to healthy

Just some general notes I had lying around (on my laptop).

  • remove toxic substances completely
  • phase out kids’ plastic toys in favour of natural/safer alternatives
  • need to purify/filter water (sink & shower) to avoid fluoride, chlorine, etc.
  • BPA toxicity in canned foods? check all of our cans
  • assume problem with all plastics (limit plastics)
  • PBDE toxins out gas from plastics in/on electronics
  • no corn syrup, no MSG (aka modified corn starch), no refined white sugar
  • no fluoride (water, toothpaste, etc.)
  • remove all Teflon-type products
  • grow most of our food in our own organic garden, use toxin-free water for plants; also grow plants for medicinal use (ex. aloe vera)
  • no processed foods
  • very limited cell phone use
  • limit wireless internet use (use plug-in connection; turn off wireless)
  • limit tv/video watching
  • use healthy/green cleaning products; change out soap, shampoo, detergent
  • use full-spectrum lighting
  • fresh air and outdoor time/activity, including daily sunlight (when possible)
  • buy natural fiber products whenever possible; avoid synthetics (clothes, furniture, bags, everything)
  • replace laptop plastics with non-treated wood
  • clean house of dust regularly
  • avoid using the microwave oven
  • A great resource is the Environmental Working Group.

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