R&D Notes for Homesteading

  • food
    • gardening, canning, drying, chickens, goats, bulk storage, seed stockpile, root cellar, algae production as food crop, mycology facility (cellar or cave-like structure), orchards, stocked fish tank/pond; beekeeping for honey; harvest & save seeds for future crop plantings; hydroponics, aeroponics, pigs?, cows?, sheep?, land with wild game?;
  • water
    • deep water well with submersible pump, rainwater collection (cistern?), water purification methods (engineered water runoff/disposal path that uses rocks, algae, etc to purify water passively), condensation collection methods, grey water recycling, Ecoloblue28 atmospheric water generator system, natural spring?;
  • home
    • wine cellar; big pantry; metal, tile, or green roof; underground tubing for radiant floor heating/cooling of house; solar hot water heating (in conjunction with other method(s); good insulation; septic tank; plant s for air filtration in house; make good use of natural light; safe room w/safe for docs/valuable/ self-defence;
  • security
    • planning, property fencing/lighting, self-defence items, debt-free
  • energy
    • solar (direct solar heating & photovoltaic), mechanical-electrical generated (hand-cranked, bicycle-powered), homemade bio-fuel for vehicle, wind to electric (windmill, aeroelastic flutter electric generator), waterwheel powered by roof rain runoff; reclaim oils for lamps; solar backup for water well; propane tank; Franklin stove; battery storage array/system for electricity generated from various sources; land w/ adequate renewable timber supply, backup generators; solar hot air collector;
  • other supplies/needs/ tools
    • Angora rabbits for wool, wool-spinning wheel, butter churn, hand-powered blender, hand-powered coffee bean grinder, solar over (both cob oven & solar concentrator/reflector oven), solar food drying rack, fresnel lens, Sterling engine with magnets attached to flywheel to move through coil fields to generate electricity (see greenpowerscience.com), rust removal via electric current in solutions, biochar for increased crop yields (facility/device for production of biochar), clotheslines for drying w/o power use, hand-powered clothes washing basin & ringer, homemade soap (including Yucca plant for soap from roots); homemade shampoo, homemade clothes detergent, homemade candles, homemade toothpaste, water electrolizer for degreaser/sanitizer production, grow medicinal herbs, internet connectivity; walkie-talkies for on site communication for free; telephone connectivity; ham radio; antennae to receive various signals; coffee bean roaster; propane, Coleman, Kerosene for heating/lighting needs as backup; fishing equipment; complete Complete Purchase/Gather List for Family ;
  • workshops / barns / other buildings
    • woodworking shop, metal working shop, crafting shop, garden prep/experiments/ extended season greenhouse, science/engineering experiment/R&D shop, chicken coop, goat house, root cellar, mycology cellar, seed storage cellar, canned/dried/ bulk food storage, cistern for water storage, rabbit coop, yard/house tools shed, spare parts/equipment shed (for ex. for extra solar panels, parts, non-perishable items such as plastic sheeting, etc.), art studio (pottery, painting, etc.), market stand (to sell excess produce)
  • education/entertainment
    • family, friends, books, church, workshops, gardening, animals, homemade toys/devices, art, music, writing supplies, community, festivals/fairs, travel
  • income/savings
    • woodworking, crafts, produce stand, sell extra eggs, wool from sheep and Angora rabbits, wife to teach dance, wife to do massage therapy, work on websites, write, consider opening up homestead to visitors for tours/classes, build rental property?; consider tax exemptions; purchase precious metals & valuable commodities for savings/financial security
  • money needed for?
    • taxes, insurance, supplemental food & household goods, savings for security, fuel, equipment/home /auto /farm repairs/replacements, kids’ future expenses/education, travel, entertainment, clothing, emergency fund, new construction on farm, medical/dental/ vision expenses, farm animals/seeds/ plant s, raw materials & tools for farm projects/woodworking / pottery/ sewing/ glass blowing, soil improvement, food storage (jars etc.), supplemental utility costs (electric/water), internet, telephone, vet bills for animals, extra feed for animals, vehicle registrations, school tuition for kids?, vitamins & other supplements,

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