The Good Life show from BBC Says What I Want To Say

I just came across a television series from the BBC called “The Good Life”. It ran from 1975 to 1978. It starred Felicity Kendal, Penelope Keith, Paul Eddington, Richard Briers, and Reginald Marsh.

Here is what the BBC has to say about the show.

…On his 40th birthday to be precise, Tom Good decides that he’s had enough of the rat race and that he and wife Barbara will become self-sufficient.

Tom and Barbara

The pair convert their garden into a farm, get in the pigs and chickens, grow their own crops and on one memorable occasion, try to dye their own wool with nettles.

Tom and Barbara would just be lone loons were it not for their neighbours, the henpecked Jerry Leadbetter and wife Margot, a social climber who cannot bear chickens wandering the back garden.

Margo and Jerry

The Good Life attacked the middle class and the ‘alternative’ lifestyle at once, showing Margot’s snobbishness as blindness, and Tom’s fanatical self-sufficiency as going too far.

I’ve watched only the first episode, but it spoke to me and made me laugh out loud. Toward the end of the episode, Tom Good  makes the case to his wife. I thought, that’s me. That’s the ‘it’ I am looking for too.

I highly recommend watching at least the entirety of the first episode which can been seen here, in three parts.

Episode 1, part 1

Episode 1, part 2

Episode 1, part 3

It also is on the Going Homestead YouTube channel here.