Horsing Around

Fresh Homemade Butter from Raw Jersey Cow Milk

Yummy. Just made it ten minutes ago. Goes well with sourdough bread.

Thanks to Krampf and his how-to make butter video.

More Homemade Christmas

Here is a lacewood and bubinga valet tray I made as a present for my dad this Christmas.

Here is the completed robot toy I made for my kids this Christmas. It has a magnetic hand and a 360 degree swivel head. It rolls fast too.

Toy Robot Under Construction

Making some presents this year. Here is a robot under construction. It will be a toy for one of my sons. It still needs many parts, sanding, filing, painting, and sealing. Just a sneak peak.



Here is the finished product.

Homemade Toys

We didn’t have the heart to take away our kids mass-produced toys when we decided plastic is bad. However, I have given them some other ones to throw into the mix. I enjoy the hobby. We save some money on toys. My kids get to play with natural materials and more unique items. Whatever your talents are, I strongly suggest making some fun for your kids. It will make you warm inside. Here are some samples.


wooden dachshund puzzle

wooden grizzly puzzle







Made for our daughter

Here are some items my wife made for our daughter. Once again keeping us from going to the retail stores. Our girl Abbie adored these. A big part of our homesteading philosophy is making things ourselves instead of buying them. Good job wifey!
play items for our girl