Progress and Harvesting

Well, I now have harvested all of my radishes. I have decided not to replant them right now. My squash is claiming the radishes space in my square foot garden. I’ll let them do that for now.

My peas have died out. I harvested some before I lost them. I think it is partly my fault that they are gone. I waiting too long to put up their climbing posts. When I began to gently move them and untangle them from the other plants (to bring them up the posts a bit) I cracked the stems in many places. Then we had heat. Then we had a really rough storm. So, they are gone.

I have harvested green beans three times now. Just a handful each time. They are very good. My wife has used some of the dill or parsley. I forget which. I pulled a carrot to see how they are coming along. Still too early. Good news! The few plants that had some leaf damage have all recovered (except the peas).

I have just plotted out 2925 square feet for a new garden. This space will include the necessary walking paths. The whole of it will be fenced in, but placed within a larger yard space. I am in the process of making a list of what will be planted. I am looking at about 65 different species right now. I have a lot of research and planning to do. Who needs what sun, what soil? Who wants to be next to whom? et cetera This garden space is projected to have its first planting in the fall. Any suggestions are welcome.