Food Coming Now

Something is eating my spinach. That just gets me riled up. I really want the spinach. It is so purple and tasty looking. The peas are recovering from my having moved them and detangling them, since I didn’t put up my climbing lattice until it was too late. We picked some peas today. I’ve harvested all of my radishes. My wife cut some dill today for her homemade egg salad. As usual, my son helped me water the garden with the watering can today. I like that he is involved. Squash and carrot plants are getting huge. Beans are coming along nicely too (pole and bush). It was a good day. I cleared the beds of debris today too. Also did some airbrushing of animals and other fun stencils on the kids treehouse. I’m sunburned a little, but then I am of Welsh-Irish ancestry living in Texas. What should I expect.