Planted Today

Here’s what my wife and I planted today, in our small square foot garden in the back yard.

Ailsa Craig Onion, Bloomsdale Spinach, Carnival Blend Carrots, Parsley, Detroit Dark Red Beets, Greek Mini Yevani Basil, Common Oregano, Jolly Jester Marigolds, Grandma Einck’s Dill, Marjoram, Bouquet Dill, Sweet Marjoram (distinct from other variety), Common English Thyme, Common Chives, Cinnamon Basil, English Lavender, & Garden Broadleaf Sage.

Our Original Square Foot Garden

Here are some photos of our first garden, a small square foot garden in our backyard.


bush beans

seed packets


Garden Beginnings

We worked in the yard this evening, my wife, kids, and I. Finally got all of the leaves up. Cleaned up the overflow from the roughly made compost pile I started a little while back. Trying to whip it into shape. Moved some things around to make room for new plantings over the next couple of weeks. Started clearing the beds. Added soil to the second four foot square-square foot garden plot-elevated with a decent soil mix to start out my first year gardening at home (since I was a kid). I haven’t found coarse vermiculite locally and didn’t get around to ordering it off the web. So, I started with an 80% compost 20% manure mix (all organic); I couldn’t use much of the yard’s existing soil, since my neighborhood was built by throwing an extremely thin layer of cheap topsoil over a rocky mess. I may have the garden soil too ‘burning’, but it seems to be ok so far. We planted seven plants (squares) a week ago, all with heirloom non-gmo organic seeds. All but two are sprouting now. I am hopeful. We’ll plant more tomorrow.