Getting my feet soiled.

Here is the site we chose for our new larger garden. It gets good sun and is bordered on two sides by trees, providing a nice shaded area for sitting. The soil is fairly rich. There is a gentle slope, but not too much.

site for big garden plot


So, here is the garden plot for which I paid a local to plow up for me. I have made the leap from my two backyard four feet by four feet raised beds that I started last Spring. They did fairly well, considering I had not gardened before, not counting a little help I gave my mom when I was a child. I am an ambitious gardener. I now have a garden plot of sixty feet by forty-five feet on the family acres. Since I got it going heading into this Fall, it is not fully up and running.

Another early photo…


Pacing Myself

Patience is a virtue, but procrastination is a vice. I working at a measured pace, partly due to time constrainsts, partly due to the weather.


Another threatening cold last night. I covered the little plants again. It least it is easy to do, since they are in a four foot square box. Tonight’s cold should be the last of the season. I’ll plant more in a day or two.


I dug the post holes and cemented in three of the four required posts for my children’s soon-to-be treehouse. That’s a chore, but worth the effort.


Cleared out the leaves that had been hiding under the bushes and in the back of the beds. I still have quite a list of backyard work: sand the deck, trim the hedges, put in more soil for planting, transplant a crape myrtle, build a new sandbox (part of the treehouse), finish the treehouse, more gardening, more gardening, more gardening, move the compost pile, and a flagstone patio and bench between a couple of trees, build planter boxes for herbs on the side of the house, and on, and on…This is fun.